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In couples counselling, it is the relationship that is the focus of the therapy.

Over time you may find that you have become stuck in your relationship in that the same arguments recurr and it is difficult for either of you to see how the pattern of relating can change. You may be at a loss as to how to go forward with your relationship and have doubts about its outcome.

Couples counselling may prove helpful in allowing you to examine your relationship and ways of communicating so that you can shift from feeling stuck and move on to the future with hope in a renewed stronger relationship.

In therapy the counsellor will be present to witness your interactions as a couple and will reflect these communications back to you. This process will enable you to see alternatives to the recurrent patterns which appear entrenched. By looking at the exceptions to the difficult relating pattern, you will be encouraged to examine the strengths in the relationship and to alter negative habitual ways of behaving, so that you can confidently build on the relationship towards the future.